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Big smokey farms has a top Gelato’s cerebral and body effects can hit you fast and hard. You might even feel its potent effects even before you actually exhale.

You will first feel a strong head rush which is quickly followed by an equally powerful body buzz. These effects will leave you feeling totally relaxed, calm, happy, euphoric, and uplifted. Its relaxing effect though won’t put you in a couch lock. You’ll still be mobile, although you’ll feel very relaxed and exhilarated.

As for the cerebral high, its potent THC level will amplify the way you perceive time, light, color, and sounds. Its psychedelic effects will make you feel like you’re floating. But you won’t lose your lucid thoughts and feelings. Instead, you’ll feel more creative and focused.

Medical Conditions: have a perfect strains for late afternoon or early evening use. Its anxiolytic and mood-uplifting effects will free your mind from stress and anxieties as you start to wind down from the day’s activities. Its sedating and calming effects can also help prepare your body for a relaxing night. Because of these effects, Gelato may be a good choice for medical conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorders. This effect can also benefit patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and ADD/ADHD.

Space monkey med Gelato’s potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects can significantly decrease painful symptoms in arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) as well as fibromyalgia. It can also work wonders for headaches, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue, low back pain, muscle spasms, and pain caused by nerve injuries.


Those are the available strains. When you placed an order, put in your choice in the comment box

Purple punch. Peanut. Oreo cake. DosiFuel. Pink lemonade. Sour diese. Orange Floa. Pie face. Pink lemon. Bruce banner. Orange coockies. Nerd. Girl scout coockies. Acai kush. Biscotti. Mojtto. Pink sorbet. Oreo cake. Fatso. Monchi. Gelato., London. Sour lato. Crazy Eight. Og kush. Lucky charm. Sherbert. Wedding cake. Gello. Gorilla glue. Quam. Forbidden fruit’s. Green crack. Ny purple diesel. Galactic bliss. Dosidos. Runtz, Gummy bear, Slurricane, Strawberry, Blue Sherbet, GMO, Gittlez, Blueberry, Mimosa, Zkittles, Gushers, Gobstopers, Quocci, Guavlate, Monana, Mochi, Gelatin


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