Delta-9 THC Rainbow Gummies

Delta-9 THC Rainbow Gummies





Happy Daze are here again! Happy Daze Vegan and Gluten-Free Delta-9 gummies are made from premium hemp-derived Delta-9 THC distillate, and always third-party lab tested. These consistently dosed gummies are similar in potency to ones sold at dispensaries – 10mg THC per gummy. Besides providing the desired effect, the assorted flavors are fun, great tasting mix of fruit flavor in each bag:

-Blue Raspberry
-Pineapple Mango
-Pink Lemonade

Keep away from kids & pets. These gummies will get you high. If you’re new to THC Delta-9 consider starting with a half or even a quarter gummy and wait a good while to see how it affects you.


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