Burn Extracts – Strawberry Cough 3ML Mega Sized Disposable Pen

Burn Extracts – Strawberry Cough 3ML Mega Sized Disposable Pen



A weed vaporizer for all your cannabis needs




Buy Burn Extracts Online Europe Buy Burn Extracts Online Europe Buy Burn Disposable Vape Online Europe. If you’re looking for a discreet escape, Burns Disposable Weed Vaporizer is just the thing you need. Having been in the industry for 25 years, you can be sure that you’re getting the best smoking experience. It sources the best and most natural terpenes while keeping all the cannabinoids. If you want the best distillate cartridge selection in Canada, choose West Coast Cannabis!!!

These Convenient Cannabis Products Have Plenty Of Effects You’ll Love

BRAND NEW!!! BURN Disposable 3g THC vaporizers are ideal for consumers looking to experience the immediate and quick onset of effects. Compared to other forms of cannabis enjoyment, such as edibles or tinctures, inhaling sends the cannabinoids straight into your bloodstream with little to no downtime. You can take a couple of hits if you need a little energizing boost to feel focused and alert. Or you can toke a bunch before you go to sleep if you want a good night’s rest. It’s no surprise that weed vaporizers provide a sense of relaxation and comfort that many people enjoy.

Please note: Some pens may not turn on automatically please click the button 5 times


  • Pull Activated
  • Draw for up to five seconds
  • Inhale and exhale comfortably
    *bottom of the Vape to reveal micro-USB port for charging* Charging cable not included*

Propylene Glycol-Free, Vegetable Glycerin-Free, Solvent Free, Organic Base

MCT oil, Distillate D9 and organic terpenes.

  • How to recharge your Vape Pen
    – Locate the Plug at the base of your vape pen.
    – USB-2.0 port.
    – Connect one end of the USB Cable to the USB/Charger Port on your Vape Pen.
    – Please allow up to 3 hours of charging time for your Vape Pen to fully charge.


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