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Buy Weed in Austria Weed. NORML, the international marijuana advocacy organization, said consequences for possession and purchase busts can vary. “The quantity of drugs involved largely determines the severity of the penalty,” NORML said. “Reports are withdrawn in cases involving a first-time cannabis offense. Afterwards, penalties are defined according to the quantity involved, and can range anywhere from a fine to six months imprisonment.”Buy Weed Online UK

Law Enforcement

a local reporter added the following story: “In the late 90s I was busted in Austria for bringing a sack from Amsterdam on my way to Hungary on the train. They woke me up early with a knock on my door. I got up and opened it to see two military style police with submachine guns asking to search my bags. He was drowsy and gave permission. didn’t think they’d find it, but they were incredible thorough, searching through the pages of books and squeezing out my toothpaste. Magic Mushrooms For Sale

 Vienna police make no special efforts at arresting Marijuana users.

The room started reeking of Skunk, so I fessed up. They asked what else I had, so I showed them a huge knife I got in Nepal. That wasn’t a problem, but I got taken to the station and had to sign a confession for the weed. They processed me with photos, prints and the works. Then let me go minus the herb and told me I had pled guilty with a suspended sentence. If I get caught there again it’s straight to prison. The cops were pretty cool, but I’d be careful in Austria.

Buy Weed in Austria Weed Delivery In Austria Where To Buy Weed In Austria Buy THC Vape Juice Online Austria Buy Vape Cartridges Online Austria

Remember, always keep it on your person, never in you bags! That way you always have a chance to ditch it, or at least when they search your bags and find nothing you probably won’t have a body search. Be safe!”

Where to buy marijuana in Vienna

One local smoker suggested a pub called Camera as a good place to score. Another said visitors could ask other shoppers at Bush Planet, a local head shop.

Buying weed legal in Austria  ?

Though   AUSTRIA is one of the Countries where medical marijuana is now legal, And Edibles Austrian Council was long unwilling to welcome cannabis in the Country. Just recently, it allowed Germany City residents to get marijuana deliveries, so you can order from OUR SHOP freely.  Buy THC Vape Cartridges

In order to become a customer, you only need to be 18 or older. There are no other restrictions except those, which regulate the way you get your cannabis experience: any use in public places, no driving afterwards, and keeping weed away from children and teenagers. Also, No Marijuana Card is required to shop with us. Buy Weed in Austria

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