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Where & How To Buy Weed In Tenerife

Are you planning a trip to the sunny Canary Islands, most specifically Tenerife? If yes, avoid that little shiver down the spine when passing through the airport’s customs. Leave your buds at home, pack some blunt wraps and papers in your backpack, and make sure to read this guide before travelling. You will learn everything you need to know to buy some excellent weed, hash, and extracts, right on the spot.


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Tips and tricks on how to buy weed in Tenerife

Before diving deep into the guide, let’s go through a few general tips and tricks on how to buy weed in Tenerife. These tips and tricks are valid all over the world. You might be using some of them already, yet you might find some inspiration to expand your tactical stoner arsenal.

  • Be respectful towards the locals. Residents do appreciate respectful tourists. Smiling and being polite is a must. You may also benefit from learning a couple of Spanish words; simple phrases such as ‘buenos días’ and ‘gracias’ can make a difference.
  • Keep it low key. Try to avoid advertising too much your habits. Use your ‘stoner senses’ and your weed nose to choose the right people to talk to. Speak to them once you’ve gained their trust and attention.
  • Make some friends and gain their trust. Make friends with people at the beach, at the pub, or during an evening out. Get to know them and gain their trust. A couple of cold beers always help to loosen the screws at the back of the tongue.
  • Avoid undercover officers. Yes, there are undercover cops in Tenerife, just as anywhere else in the world. They might not be there to hassle tourists for buying a couple of grams, but they’ll not hesitate to fine you if you are too blatant about it. Again, use your stoner senses and keep away from agent Smith.


Where to look for to buy weed in Tenerife

Time has come for your first weed purchase in Tenerife, and you have a few options available. Spain and its islands have a long-time tradition for cannabis use and cultivation. The whole country is deeply influenced by Moorish culture, which contributed to Spaniards’ love for hash. Furthermore, the legislation regarding cannabis is relatively permissive: smoking cannabis and its derivates in the privacy of your home and growing a couple of plants for personal use is not a crime. Therefore, buying some nice weed in Tenerife will be a walk in the park, especially if you follow these advices.

Buying cannabis from clubs and dispensaries

Probably the best option to buy good quality weed and its derivates, dispensaries and clubs offer an excellent selection of strains and products. Similarly to what happens in the Netherlands, clubs and dispensaries are reserved to members; however, nothing stops you from becoming a member! Club memberships require a small fee (depending on the club, from €5 to €50), and require you to show your identity documents for registration. BUY WEED ONLINE NETHERLANDS

Buying legal hemp from grow shops

Grow shops specialize in selling growing materials such as pots, soil, seed and lights. However, the vast majority of them also has a little section of the shop dedicated to CBD flowers and concentrates. CBD flowers and concentrates can be sold legally, but cannot be smoked in public (unless you are one of those stealthy ninja stoners). The prices vary from €5 to €25 per gram, depending on the quality. BUY PILLS OVER THE COUNTER 

Buying legal hemp and legal concentrates from smart shops

Many CBD shops opened in the Island in the last few years, thanks to the booming CBD flower market. Compared to a grow shop, a CBD shop will offer you more variety and possibly better quality. The typical CBD shop sells flowers, concentrates, extracts, CBD crystals and cartridges for electronic devices. BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS ONLINE UK

Buying black market weed on the street

If you are an old school smoker, and prefer a more traditional approach to buying weed, you can definitely resort to the street. The south of the Island is one of the best places to bu y weed in Tenerife. The bustling beaches of Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Las Veronicas are busy 365 days a year. Take a walk along the beach, and it won’t be long before your nose picks up the unmistakeable smell of the herbs you are looking for. Choose well who you speak to, and sooner than you think you’ll be stocked up. BUY WEED ONLINE UK


Buying weed in Tenerife: An overlook on the Island’s cannabis culture

Now you know where and how to buy weed in Tenerife. However, there might be other details that you wish to know about cannabis in Tenerife. In the following section, we will explore various aspects related to our favourite plant in the Canary Islands.   BUY CANNABIS ONLINE GERMANY

Legal status

After reading the previous paragraphs, you might be wondering if weed is legal in Tenerife. Well, not completely. Spain’s legislation regarding cannabis cultivation and consumption falls in a sort of no-man’s-land, where weed is not exactly legal and not totally illegal. As a rule of thumb, remember that consumption in public spaces can lead to fines starting from €300. Keep it safe; smoke in your apartment or in the club, or choose an area without passers-by.


Spain proudly boasts some of the best seed companies in the world. Expert breeders gave life to award-winning local strains such as BCN Sour Diesel, Channel+ and many more. Pair this with Tenerife’s mighty sunshine, and you have the perfect recipe for dense, crystal-covered, sun-ripened buds. You’ll be able to find fancy indoor flowers as well as huge outdoor buds.

Variety: buds

Tenerife offers a wide range of flowers of different strains. The most popular genetics grown in Tenerife come from local breeders as well as from famous Dutch and American seed banks.

Variety: hash

If you love resin, you’ll be able to taste several different types of hash in Tenerife. From the evergreen polm and super polm to chocolate; even charas, if you are determined to find it.

Variety: concentrates

Dab rigs and concentrates are your bread and butter? Rosin, full-melt hash, BHO and ethanol extracts are increasingly popular in Tenerife. Ask to a trusted budtender for the latest and greatest extracts available.

Variety: edibles

Edibles are a popular form of consumption in Tenerife. Standard, full-spectrum edibles such as candy, cakes and butter are sold only by dispensaries. CBD edibles, on the other side, can be bought in one of the many CBD shops in Tenerife.

Variety: legal buds

CBD flowers can be bought in grow shops and in CBD shops across Tenerife. They can be bought legally; however, they cannot be consumed in public spaces. BEST LICENSED GUN DEALERS IN EUROPE AND USA

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