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Purple Dawg weed is the perfect descendant of Star Dawg and Grape Train Kush, making it an Indica-dominant hybrid. A bright aroma compensates for not having a too high level of THC no more than 17%-20%


This weed strain has a fruity sourness with a floral aroma. But all of this is hidden under a strange pinny flavor with earthy notes. In combination, we get a smoke of sweet taste and smell. Lovers of lightness and not intense saturation will like its unusual combination.

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Purple Dawg weed strain increases the feeling of hunger, so it’s great for those who want to gorge on stuff and pass out in sweet euphoria.
Many cannabis lovers in the UK use it as a sleep aid or to relax after a good workout. Also, this strain chooses to get rid of feelings of anxiety, stress, and fatigue.
Summing up, we can say that these marijuana flowers are suitable for those who want to enter the state of “doing nothing.”

Many users report this strain to be particularly strong, and should be avoided by complete newcomers. Its potency may bring rise to paranoia and anxiety – or red eyes and the munchies at the very least.
This strain is ideal for beginners: light and mild taste and pleasant effects on the body. It perfectly awakens the appetite and helps to fall asleep.
THC levels average in the mid-teens for Purple Dawg. Reviewers have reported that a consumer of this strain may experience a heavy body high that occasionally leads to sedation.

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