Hangover Tincture | 500mg THC / 500mg CBD

Hangover Tincture | 500mg THC / 500mg CBD



500 mg THC | 500mg CBD per bottle

The perfect 1:1 Tincture!

How to use: Shake before use. Drop under tongue for quickest absorption & hold for 30 seconds!




Our 1:1 tincture is the perfect hangover cure!

Tinctures are typically dropped under the tongue where it can be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

THC helps to settle the stomach and encourage the consumption of foods as well as ease chronic pain, symptoms of depression and insomnia. CBD helps to relieve stress, inflammation as well as the anxiety and stress caused after a night of heavy drinking and regretful, humiliating behavior…

Our 1:1 tincture gives you the benefits of both THC & CBD without the harm of smoking.

500 mg THC / 500 mg CBD

30ml each


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