Backwoods Wild Rum

Backwoods Wild Rum





Backwoods Wild Rum

Without a doubt, Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars are quickly becoming one of America’s favorite cigars. However, these bad boys are limited edition only, but we don’t think they’ll be going anywhere considering how well they’re selling at the moment. Plus, we don’t see any slowdown in terms of sales, so it’s pretty likely these bad boys are here for the long run!

Made from 100% All-Natural Premium tobacco, Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars are considered as guaranteed sellers! Indeed, all you’ll have to do is put a box of them out on display, and they’ll sell themselves! So you should probably think about picking a few cases of our eight 5-count boxes at a price that’s unheard of anywhere else other than here at Buy Little Cigars!


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