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How to buy weed legally in Madrid

Cannabis Laws In Spain. Buying weed from a CBD-shop (weed without THC).Because cannabis without THC is not prohibit by Spanish law (neither by most other European countries), it is legal to buy this product over-the-counter in the stores that sell this throughout the city. It is very easy to find, and the quality and flavor are usually good, although this product won’t get you high like normal weed that does contain THC. CBD is another cannabinoid that can relax you and have some minimal effects, but it won’t get you high like THC. BEST LICENSED GUN DEALERS IN EUROPE


  1. Buying weed from a cannabis social club.

Social clubs in Spain are sometimes compared to coffeeshops in the Netherlands, where you can (sort of) legally buy and smoke real cannabis that DOES contain the psychoactive ingredient THC. In Barcelona there are over a hundred social clubs, so cannabis in basically available everywhere. But in Madrid (2021), this seems to be a different story. Where are the cannabis social clubs in Madrid? Locals tell us that most, if not all, of the cannabis social clubs in Madrid have been closed down.

Weed Laws In Spain

There’s also stories of police officers waiting outside of the social clubs for people to come out and search them for any weed (that’s illegal to carry on the streets) in order to take away the weed and give a them a fine. There is basically no news to be found about these cannabis social clubs in Madrid from after 2019, so they seem to have disappeared or at least gone very private. To buy weed from a social club in Spain, you must also be introduced by an existing member of the club. So even if you’re able to find a club that’s still open, you need to know a local that can introduce you before you can buy anything or come inside to smoke. This basically eliminates the option of cannabis social clubs for tourist or temporary visitors of the city, and leaves you with only two choices: buying CBD-weed from a legal store, or buying “real” cannabis illegally from a dealer. Weed Delivery In Berlin


Is it legal to carry weed on you in Madrid?

In public, it is not legal to carry weed on you in Madrid, or anywhere else in Spain. According to Spanish law, the police is not allowed to search inside your underwear without a warrant, so that may be sort of a legal loophole to safely carry weed in public. In private, however, it should not be any problem at all to have a few grams of weed or hash on you. Buy Weed Online UK

If you get caught with small amounts in public, there will usually be nothing more than a fine and the police taking possession of your weed, but it’s still illegal.

Cannabis Laws In Spain Where Do Tourist Buy Weed Online In Spain Where To Buy Marijuana In Madrid Weed Delivery In Spain Vape Shops In Spain


Can I take cannabis with me back home from Madrid?

If you’re on vacation in Spain and you’ve bought a little more weed than you really needed, it may be tempting to take it back home with you. Please never do this: it is illegal to traffic cannabis from Spain into other countries, and the consequences can be big. Taking cannabis back home with you to another country is a bad idea. It’s just not worth it. Buy Sleeping Pills Online Europe


What is cannabis called in Spain? (other names)

What is the best name for cannabis in Spanish? How do they know what I’m talking about? Well, you could just say weed and make some creative gestures, most people will surely understand you. If you want to sound more like a real Spanish stoner, consider using one of these other names for weed in Spain:

Yerba (Hierba), Ganja, Weed, Marihuana (Mari), Grifa

A joint is called “un porro”, “un leño”, “un bate”, “canuto”.


Where to buy weed in Madrid legally (the best CBD shops in Madrid)

There are over a dozen “CBD-shops” in Madrid that sell weed over the counter without any prescriptions, restrictions or residency laws. These products are sold as souvenirs and the packaging usually says that it’s not intended to be smoked, but of course that’s exactly what people will do. To find one of these shops selling CBD weed, simply go to Google Maps and enter “CBD”. Most shops will pop up, and there are some more that will pop up if you enter a different search term such as “weed” or “cannabis”. But to make things easy, here’s a list of some cannabis shops in Madrid that we visited, including pictures and a short description of the products that they sell. BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS ONLINE EUROPE

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